Arwen's Faith – Keep It Real - Soulful Jazz House DJ Mix -- Loure, Soul Wun, Laurence Guy, Jad & The

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Inspired by Loure's 'Westside Movements' album.
Let's keep it real ✨

Loure - In The Evenings
Loure - Keep It Real
Soul Wun - For George
Soul Wun - Naima Blue
Jad & The - Matano Trumpet Jam
Loure - Smooth Talk
Loure - Mutual Motion
Loure - Needs
Tour-Maubourg - Ode To Love
Laurence Guy - Wichita Falls
Move D - Inside The Freero Dome
Kristy Harper - Sterk
Jesse Bru - A1 - Roach Fingers
DJ Houseplants - I Don't Mind
Laurence Guy - Saw You For The First Time
Pool Boy - Closed for Renovations

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